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Persuasive speech attracts people towards itself because of its words and sentences and this make the listeners to believe in what is being said. Most popular persuasive speech topics are about social issues like, smoking persuasive speech, abortion persuasive speech, business persuasive speech, sports persuasive speech, 101 persuasive speech, controversial persuasive speech, death penalty persuasive speech, drunk driving persuasive speech, gun control persuasive speech, organ donor persuasive speech, and persuasive speech on global warming, steroids, gambling, recycling and other .

Types of Persuasive Speeches

Dispositional Persuasive Speeches

 Dispositional Persuasive Speech: A speech designed to influence listeners' disposition toward your topic.

  1. Beliefs
  2. Attitudes
  3. Values

Dispositional Factors

  • Belief: Something we accept as true or false even though it has not yet been or cannot be shown true.
  • Attitude: Our tendency to respond favorably or unfavorably to something we like or dislike.
  • Value: A deeply held concept about what is and isn't good, right, and important with regard to conduct and existence.

A Continuum of Dispositional Factors

Actuation Persuasive Speeches

 Actuation Persuasive Speeches: A persuasive speech designed to change behavior.
Actuate: A term meaning "move to action."

  • Arguing that your grade should be changed.
  •  Arguing against a tuition increase.

Actuation Persuasive Speeches are the most difficult types of speeches.  You must be competent in all forms of public speaking because you must inform as well as convince.  Actuation speeches have the most direct influence on listeners so ethics become especially important.

Using Audience Analysis to Shape Your Speech

Target Audience: The portion of your audience you most want to persuade.

  • You might want to reinforce their point of view in your speech.
  •  You might want to reform their point of view in your speech.
  • You might want to seek action from your audience.
  • You might want to seek agreement from your audience.

What if Your Listeners Disagree With You?

  • Use coactive approach: A strategic method for confronting reluctant audiences intelligently and constructively (Simons, 1986).
  • Establish good will early.
  • Start with general areas of agreement.
  • Set modest goals.
  • Cite respected authorities.
  • Acknowledge opposing arguments respectfully.

Modest Goals in a Persuasive Speech

Sleeper Effect: Change may occur later after the audience has absorbed your ideas and incorporated them into their own beliefs.
Raised Consciousness: Sensitizing the audience to your position and making them more receptive to your position in the future (McCombs, 1981).
Situational Acceptance: Getting listeners to agree that a certain policy or approach would be good in certain situations.

Making Claims in Your Thesis Statement

  • Claims of Fact: Taking a position on whether something is true or false.
  • Claims of Value: Making a judgment about whether some concept or action is good, right, moral, or fair.
  • Claims of Policy: States a position about whether a specific course of action should be taken.
  • Making Claims in Your Thesis Statement

Organizing Your Main Points

Refutative Pattern

Arrangement pattern that persuades by both disproving opposing positions and bolstering your own.

  • State argument of opposition.
  • State and give evidence of flaws in this argument.
  • State evidence in support of your argument.
  • Show how your argument erodes the opposing argument.

Comparative Advantages Pattern

 Arrangement that leads the audience to agree that one of two or more alternatives is better than the others.

  • Show that disadvantages of other options outweigh their advantages (Ziegelmueller, Kay, & Dause, 1990, p. 186).
  •  Show how the advantages of your position outweigh the advantages of other options (Ziegelmueller, Kay, & Dause, 1990, p. 186).
  • Since your goal is agreement, you stop short of advocating action.
  • Invitational Pattern
  •  Arrangement pattern designed to invite rather than convince listeners to agree with your position.
  •  Offer your perspective and describe how it works for you.
  •  Create an atmosphere that encourages mutual understanding.
  •  Focus on positive aspects of a situation and encourage persistence of those positive behaviors (Foss & Foss, 1994; Foss, Foss, & Griffin, 1999).

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